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Backup Assistant one-way sync only?

I got a Motorola Droid 4 earlier this year. This is a work account and I am the authorized user of this phone but my access is restricted -- that is, I am able to use Backup Assistant Plus Contacts but not any of the other Cloud apps (Backup Assistant Plus Media, etc.).  When I first got the phone in January, I was able to successfully download my contacts from Backup Assistant, although I ended up with 2 of everything.  I performed clean-up by deleting the duplicates.  However, after the initial sync, the contacts have NEVER been able to upload back to Backup Assistant again.  The sync seems to work one way only: from Backup Assistant / website to phone, but not back.  And somewhere in the process, all the contacts on the website disappeared!  Now I have 314 contacts on the phone and none on the website.

When I manually sync from the phone, it tells me:

Backed up: 314

Pending: 0

Last Backup: Today

Last Attempt: Success

When I log onto the website, there are no contacts from the phone anywhere (including the trash) and all the contacts I originally had on the website are gone. 

  • If I add a new "test" contact on the website and sync the phone --> new contact does show up on the phone
  • If I edit that "test" contact on the phone and sync --> the contact info on the website does not change / get updated
  • If I add a new "test" contact on the phone and sync --> it does not show up on the website at all

I have cleared data / cache per instructions I found in the forums and synced from scratch, and no change.  I'm thoroughly stumped -- clearly Backup Assistant can modify contacts on my phone but doesn't want to read anything off the phone.  Any ideas?

Re: Backup Assistant one-way sync only?
Customer Support

Hi bluehaus,

This certainly sounds like an odd situation. I definitely understand how important it is to make sure this information is available via computer and device. Allow us to take a look on the account side of things. For additional assistance please follow me MatthewS_VZW and then DM me with your mobile number, thanks!

VZW Support
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