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Contacts,Joining Records, and Facebook making dupicate records

Last night, I installed Google Places (a must have app!) in the process of adding a place to my contacts list, I noticed that this place I added had a Facebook Profile that was already on my contacts list. To which when I attempted to join the new contact to the facebook contact, I accidently joined it with someone else's Facebook account. I then had to delete that record.


I tired to sync my facebook account to get that person's record back on my phone but it wouldn't happen.  Then I made the really big mistake that not only effected my Droid but my Google Contacts on my Gmail Account.  I imported all of my contacts that I had saved from a backup file.  It also made another copy of that contact on my GMail address book on my computer when the phone was resynching.  So half way through trying to separare records, there are some records that were spit that separated their facebook contact information from the record.


I also can't rejoin records that were split.


If only there were a way to revert everything back the way the were 24 hours ago when everything was fine.  (If there is a way to do that that would be perfect, I doubt it exists).


While we are on the subject of the Contacts, I've noticed the Facebook App has made several copies of some peoples addresses and phone numbers on my phone.  It has also made public the personal addresses and phone numbers of a few local personalities (TV hosts, DJs, and talk radio hosts).  While a more intrusive person would call these number and email these addresses that are suppost to be private, I am respecting their privacy by not invading their private lives or contacting them through these sources. (If only the paparazzi did the same thing with more fameous people, TV would be more enjoyable to watch. Reality TV sucks IMHO.)


So there is a short list of questions at this point:

1. How do I get that person't facebook account back on my phone to synch with my addressbook.

2. Do I need to go bak and line by line fix all my contacts? (There are about 250 of them. If only the computer could do this tiresome and repetative task.)

3. Will I need to do the previous question on my GMail contact page on my computer?

4. Why is VCARD (I think that is the name of the backup file's format) show these wierd names (i.e. "INTERNET" or "WASHINGTON DC OFFICE") in the type fields instead of Home, Office, Mobile, etc.?

5. How can I be sure that the Facebook app isn't sharing more information than I want about me to others if on facebook I have my setings configured to share exactly what I want with others? (Something I think anyone in the Broadcast or Entertainment industry mya want to know to avoid invasion of privacy.)

6. Why is facebook making multple entries of facebook account information on my phone that can be separated or deleted?


Extra Credit: Is there any way to change back everything they way it was 24 hours ago? (If there is no way to do that, It's OK. But if there is, please share.)