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Dolphin Browser issue - keep as default browser

I downloaded from the market the Dolphin browser and like it. I want to make it my default browser. I keep going into the settings on the browser app and checking the setting to make it the default. However, it won't stick. It keeps getting unchecked.


Anyone else have this issue? How do I get the setting to hold?

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Re: Dolphin Browser issue - keep as default browser

I had a similar problem. My preference for the dolphin browser didn't seem to hold for some apps. Instead, I got a choice of the default and dolphin browser. If I chose the dolphin without checking the "default" I found that  the original preference had been changed for multiple apps. This behavior seems to have been related to a news reader I was using. Eventually, though, my preference seems to have "stuck."


This isn't much help to you, I realize. Just letting you know you're not alone.


What I'd suggest is that you uninstall the Dolphin Browser and install it again and select it as the default when you set it up. That may "clean up" whatever is interfering with your default choice.