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Droid Phone (questions, data plans, I tunes, Gps, apps)

I will appoligize in advance for all the questions. Right now I have a cheap old samsung phone. Never had a smart phone. I also have an air card I use for my internet on my lap top.


First: I called Verison and the rep told me I could get rid of my air card and run my droid phone to my laptop for internet. I then went to a verison store and the sales man told me it won't work. I dont see why it woldn't. I have a friend, I forget his carrier, but he does it with just a plain old cell phone. Can this be done so I can get rid of my air card?


Second: I read in a post that you can usually get a signal any where any time. I work off shore so I don't think that will be the case unless I am at the dock. There is something off  shore called Petro Com, and your phone will work but it will go to roaming and I am afraid Verison would hit me up with a huge bill.


Third: I read in pasts posts that I tunes will work with it just by dragging and dropping the music. I think of course I would have to hook it up to my computer. Does the droid come with a usb cable to hook it up to my lap top or will I have to buy it?


Forth: Has anyone use the GPS with this phone and how is it. I travel a lot getting to different boat docks that are hard to find. I don't have a car so I don't want to buy a Garmin or anything else. If the Droid can get me from A to B thats all I need!


Fifth: I know Apple offers tons of free apps. Does the Droid? How much are the ones you have to buy?


Any help with any of these questions would be greatly appreciated. My whole family has I Phones, but I like Verision over AT&T. I am almost sold on the Droid.                                             Thanks Al

Re: Droid Phone (questions, data plans, I tunes, Gps, apps)

Thanks for all the detailed help! You answered all my questions. I think I am sold. The tethering thing still concerns me but I think from what I here it won't be long until verizon offers it, and I still have time left on my contract with my air card. Thanks again for all the help!               Al