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Facebook app

I am new to the Droid world-I was a blackberry user and just switched this past Saturday. I have been learning all about my Droid Incredible and so far have enjoyed it but last night I was in Facebook and pushed the refresh button it says 'an error occured while fetching data(null)'. Anyone have any ideas on how to get this fixed since I can't uninstall and reinstall? Please help

Re: Facebook app
Sr. Member
This app, unless they have changed something recently, should be un-installable and re-installable, as I've done it several times in hopes that they finally got it right.

In my view, they haven't (mostly because of that very issue you mentioned).

I just use the browser and go to the Facebook mobile touch site. For one, it (mostly) works better. And I can run it when I darn well get ready.

Try it and see...
Geri O
Re: Facebook app
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

i use all three. some do things better than others


1) the app (geting better, but still very poor compared to iphone and BB app)

2)  (best and most current for news feed and posting text...but lacks many features)

3) (better for pics/vids, etc...but on mine it always seems to be behind the time?)


i don't think you can uninstall the app. however,  you can uninstall the most recent update, and then reinstall it. try that.

Re: Facebook app

I had the same problem. I did a battery pull and could go into market place then to uninstall and reinstall. There is a very noticeable difference now, it's slow, and by slow I mean old original dial up pull your hair out, use the bathroom, cook dinner come back and it finally works slow!!! Which is fine, except I use the chat option which I can only use in the app. 


So maybe try the battery pull and let me know if yours is still fast. thanks