Facebook won't sync contacts

I did a factory reset on my phone and now Facebook isn't syncing my contacts. I have tried syncing them individually, restarting my phone, and uninstalling and reinstalling the Facebook App. HELP!!!

Re: Facebook won't sync contacts
VZ Employee Emeritus

kynamarie, this is definitely a problem because I understand how having all your contacts synced to your personal and social accounts is easier to manage. I would like to start with some questions. Do you have the Facebook application installed on your device and can you log in? If you have the application on your device and  your able to log in, what happens when you try and sync the contacts? Do you receive an error message? Is the Facebook an option on the "Acct and Sync" screen on your phone?


I listed the directions, step by step for how to sync the contacts to your accounts. 


1) Click menu

2) Click Settings

3) click Accts & Sync

4) Either click  "Sync All" or choose the account you want to sync. All the accounts you have added to your phone should be listed (Flickr, Myspace, Facebook, twitter, Google, etc.) 


We will need more information to properly assist you with a resolution. If you have your issue resolved, please post how you were able to resolve the problem so that it may help others.