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How many are having trouble with facebook? Mine stopped working Saturday,started working Sunday,stopped working again on Monday.Lots of post on web about it,but it's not helping me.Mesage is 500/internal server error on phone screen.

Re: Facebook

Are you using the Facebook Widget? or are you Browsing to seens to work better for me.

Re: Facebook
Novice no problems.
Re: Facebook
Sr. Member

The Facebook widget and/or app has always been worthless. It seems to be okay for simply reading your wall, but for the usual Facebook experience that we seem to enjoy indulging in, you are much better off using the mobile website. I use the touch version,  but at times, I'll load the full version (sometimes I have to in order to use some really esoteric features....such as sending messages....:smileymad:


Actually, NONE of Facebook's pages ever totally work as they are supposed to, regardless of version. 


And the thought of Facebook email? Suuurrrreee, no privacy concerns there, huh.....


Geri O

Re: Facebook
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

i agree with the above posts for the most part. however, since the last fb app update, i actually use the app now. your options are:


1) the full blown site (slow and laggy on a phone)


2) (this is what i used for the past six months until recently. works well and i just saved it as a favorite so it's as easy to access as the app. does not load many pics and no video in your live feed page)


3) (is usually behind in updates, etc but i would jump to it if i saw there was a post on my video or something else that the "m.facebook" would not access. would actually be much better than the "m" version except that whenever i'd check it would be an hour or so behind)


4) the fb app for android. i now use this often as it is MUCH improved since the most recent update. i haven't had issues with it the past few days so you may want to uninstall the last update and then reinstall it (under settings, apps, manage apps)