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Gallery Data Downloading

I've been getting 10-15MB of data downloaded on my Droid 2 phone every morning, while I've been asleep.


I've made sure all the apps installed are updated manually, and have not updated any in weeks.


After installing an app to monitor my Droid 2's usage information to find out what is downloading data, I have discovered that over 90% of the data is being downloaded by Gallery, with the rest used by multiple apps (each minimal amounts) including Gmail, Accounts, Settings, Dialer, and Market.


I'm not downloading any pictures, videos, or anything else for the Gallery.  I have 21 images in the Gallery I've taken from the camera, none of which I've ever uploaded or shared.  There seems to be no settings in the Gallery for data.


Why is the Gallery downloading so much data, especially in the early morning?  What is causing it? Is there any way to stop it?


I don't want to disable data over mobile network in the phone settings.  I also suspect that if I did, it would just happen when I re-enabled it for whatever reason.  Plus, disabling it would prevent phone notifications like new email and such.


Can somebody please help???????




Re: Gallery Data Downloading
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

That is strange one because the Gallery should not be accessing the web and expecially moving that size of data....  Do you have any backup apps that auto backup images and files because maybe when they are transferring they are using the gallery to invatory the files...  I know MyBackup and Lookout has this option.

Re: Gallery Data Downloading

I would like to thank " Wildman" for responding. If you are still having problems, please reply to the private message that I am sending you with your mobile number, your name and a contact number. I will contact you to provide troubleshooting assistance.


Thank You