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Grandmother and Grandfather being hurt by Verizon read please

Here is an idea when people sign up for Verizon and it will work better when they are older. Tell them there are no surcharges  this gets them excited and they are all ready to join then set them up with a internet connection , be sure to NOT tell them that if you do a TXT they will be charged for it even though it goes though there paid for internet connection, then when they find out there is a charge for TXT then you can tell them that it is in the contract down in the fine print that it cost .20 cents a txt and it dose not matter HOW many TXT  there grand children made they HAVE to pay for it. But wait there is more tell them that if they sign up for a TXTing plan then Verizon will take a little off what there grand kids ran up. See Verizon can reduce it IF they BUY but can not if they don’t sign up for a TXTing plan )  This always makes older people pull out their magnifying glass LOL. If you think this is a great idea then email me thank you .oh . also you can have junk TXT sent to there online TXTing this will greatly confuse them and  run up there bill insuring that Verizon will always be there to serve us AARP people. Thanks , let me know what everyone thinks at {edited for privacy}

Re: Grandmother and Grandfather being hurt by Verizon read please
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Here is an idea, too.


Ask about the plan for which you are signing up. If you think your grandchildren will be texting you, ASK about texting and how much it costs and if it is included.


You can be assured that your grandchildren's parents know how much texting costs and that they have texting plans in addition to any data plans they may have. It seems to me that maybe you should direct your anger at your OWN children for allowing your grandchildren to send multiple texts to you before they checked with you to see if you had a texting plan.


My children know which of their friends(and grandparents) have texting plans and only text the ones WITH texting plans. Maybe your children should teach your grandchildren about common courtesy and cell phone ettiquette.

Re: Grandmother and Grandfather being hurt by Verizon read please
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

better watch the minutes as well. i got my son a phone a few months ago. i sat down with him and help set up his contacts. i then explained to him who was on verizon and who wasn't, and to only call people on verizon since we share minutes with him AND since i know it won't count against their (the people he is calling) minutes. i explained that he could call the other contacts, but to watch how often and how long he talks to them. i also pointed out which ones have texting plans so he knows not to text anyone unless they text him first (which i explained would indicate that they probably have a texting plan). he's 11 and we have had no issues. 


one of his grandmothers does not pay for a texting he does not text her. 

Re: Grandmother and Grandfather being hurt by Verizon read please
Sr. Member
Silly me. I thought blaming everyone for one's mistakes was limited to my generation and beyond...

And your forum name and mentioning AARP does absolutely nothing for your case.

(I know, this Isn't the place for that...)

Geri O
Re: Grandmother and Grandfather being hurt by Verizon read please

Ummmm, TXT's DO NOT go through your internet connection, learn a little bit about the technology you are using.

Re: Grandmother and Grandfather being hurt by Verizon read please
Verizon Employee


Thanks community members for your feedback.  





I apologize for the confusion regarding the features associated with your plan  and it is never our intention to mislead any of our customers. As a consumer, I realize how we can sometimes overlook the details associated with new service and  I understand how frustrating unexpected charges can be.


I would be happy to review your account in an effort to identify what transpired and offer you a feasible resolution. At your convenience, please PM the wireless number in question.  I look forward to hearing from you soon. 




Thank you for your contribution to our community forums,