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Hi just purchsed the note 2 and I like it EXCEPT for 1 thing..Help

I was able to do this with my droid bionic so I'm hoping its a setting.  I have a 2012 kia forte with phone bluetooth. when I put my Aux cable in the phone to listen to music and the phone rings I will NOT go to bluetooth. I can't hear the call and the caller can't hear me. If my phone is not in AUX it works fine.  My bionic use to pause the music and answer the phone.  How can I get the note to do the same?

Re: Hi just purchsed the note 2 and I like it EXCEPT for 1 thing..Help
Customer Support


What an odd situation. And hey, we want this function to work flawlessly so you can easily make the transition from music to your bluetooth. To be honest, there is no setting that we can switch on to make the transfer smoother but we want to troubleshoot as best we can. What I would recommend doing is removing the bluetooth connection and readding to see if that helps. Additionally, are using using a different bluetooth or AUX this time around? We've got you covered.


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