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My basic phone (Samsung Intensity II) had/has an ICE "app" (In Case of Emergency), and I was wondering if there's anything GOOD for Android? I've looked at some of them, but most of them seem to have the problem that the emergency worker would have to know your password in order to get to it-kind of defeats the purpose. I saw one that works the way I want, but basically allows somebody to completely disable the password on the phone. Is there an APP (Preferably free) that would allow somebody to access it without knowing my password, and it would show them predefined contacts, medical info, my doctors, and my prescriptions?

Re: ICE App

Since this would be a major security issue I do not see a developer designing their app like this plus I dont this that the security access rights would allow this without doing the down side that you reported, like disabling password security.


Since android is working on refining the security access right to secure a few security issues found so I dont see this being possible without having to void warrenty to give the application SU access..

Re: ICE App

I am aware of that ICE app too. This freebie app provides many nice features that you will find in many of the paid apps. The free download includes the ability to store your driver's license and one emergency contact. ICE utilizes information you already have about your emergency contacts in your device's Contacts app so you don't have to store separate records that need their own maintenance. This is really great, isn't it?

Indeed, nowadays, Smartphones can save lives. In fact, it can do more than that. These phones does not only help save other people's lives, but it can also help you survive in the toughest conditions out there. This reminds me of the article I came across just a while ago. Please allow me to share it here. It was entitled "Survival apps filling an emergency niche". The new app aims to offer the kind of survival information that can help save drivers' lives. Yes, you read it right! It will be another potentially life saving application.

So, having emergency apps on Smartphone is smart. You never know when you are going to need them, but it's better to have them and not need them than the other way around.