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Get up to $500 when you bring your phone. Plus, waived smartphone activation fee when you buy online. Limited time offer.
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Madden Football App.:
Sr. Leader

:smileysurprised: Wow this App is coooool i know u have to pony up a 10 spot to Buy it but heck its a one time thing and u dont have to drag ur home unit around to play it.   I realize its not like the game that U play on Ps3 But they Have to Scale it down someware. And it Does'nt use that much data And when i clicked on it to buy it. The app went thru an it  Did'nt download anymore Extra Stuff.  I will tell u this When u Purchase the App. Do it over the (Network) as it wont let U By the ( Wi-Fi ) :   The only other thing I would Suggest is use (A) Extended Battery cause just like useing ur Nav. or Other things that like to Drain the Batt. this Will Too.! But Give it A Try And Have Fun With it .   :smileysurprised: