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Must have apps...
Newbie Droid user wondering what Apps are must haves???  There are soooo many!  What is everyone using and can't live without???

Re: Must have apps...

It really depends on how you use your phone. Some of the apps that I like are:


ASTRO - A file manager

RealCalc - a scientific calculator that also features unit conversions

MortPlayer - an .MP3 player that uses folder structure (i.e. just put your music in the desired folders on your memory card)

Car Locator - A nice app that saves your cars loction (using GPS) and then provides a 'radar' to help you get back to it.

WeatherBug - Probably the best and most accurate, IMO, weather app out there.

Bank of America Mobile Banking - for managing your BoA accounts.


I have some others where I like the functionaliy, but am not 100% on the app itself:


News Readers: Right now I'm switching between FeedR and NewsRoom. I like the widget used with Feedr, but I like the UI of NewsRoom. I'm probably going to stick with NewsRoom for the time being.


Navigation: Right now, the only real choice is CoPilot. I'm a long time TomTom (for PDAs) user and it's been a change, but it's OK. Destinator is available in the app store but doesn't work with Android 2.0 devices yet -- they hope to release an update by the end of this month. TomTom has also announced they will be developing a package for Android but nothing has materialized yet.


And, of course, games:


UNO: Classic game, pretty fun, outdated graphics though.

Flight Director: Draw lines on the screen to land planes and avoid crashes. Pretty fun.

Yamb: A 'Yahtzee' type game. It's OK, but I really wish they would incorporate CPU players to play against.

Dominoes: An implementation of the 5's variant of dominoes. Very basic and straight forward.

Spades for Android: An implementation of Spades supporting different rules sets (nils, blind nils, high card first, clubs first, etc.)

Anything by Camel Games: They make some of the most visually pleasing and challenging games for the Android platform right now.







Re: Must have apps...

My Verizon is a must have.

Bank of America is a must have.

Superpages is a must have.

gtasks for me is a must have

Home++ is a must must must have.

realcalc is a must have.

toss up on Andexplore or bluetooth file transfer for file management.

Weather bug a must have.

meridian must have

Aldiko and shortcovers are must haves until Kindle and or Barnes and Noble release Android apps both are said to be coming soon but we have seen how that is working on things like 2.1 and flash.

Open Sudoku must have

Fandango must have

Youversion Bible app a must have

Google Sky map is not a must have but is pretty awesome to have

AP mobile is excellent as is USA Today.

Twidroid is the only Twitter client I have used but I like it a lot. 

{Keep it Legal}.

I really like barcode scanners but haven't decided on a best one yet.  I have shopsavy and barcode scanner both are pretty good but not all inclusive.  I have found better deals on a simple Google search as opposed to the best web price listed in either app. 

Re: Must have apps...


DroidRN wrote: Droid user wondering what Apps are must haves???  There are soooo many!  What is everyone using and can't live without???


I am not a Droid user I must admit. I am a G1 user, but still an Android user. :smileywink:  Check out this read on the must have 30 apps. Some other users add stuff to the list-->30 Apps Must Have


Yeah there are lots of apps on the market, but that is great. You can then make your phone unqiue with different apps.

Re: Must have apps...

DroidRN wrote: Droid user wondering what Apps are must haves???  There are soooo many!  What is everyone using and can't live without???

Here are my faves!


Handcent SMS- the best text app, imo

AP Mobile


Dolphin Browser

Droid Light

Hoogle Sky Map


NPR News


Shop Savvy

Stream Furious

Weather Bug

Windows Wallpaper 7


USA Today



Re: Must have apps...

Just downloaded Google Gesture today search by drawing letters on your screen... better than voice search especially if you are in a noisy environment.