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PreInstalled Apps

 have purchased a Motorola the other day(upgraded from the Eris).  I first noticed it was already loaded with some Apps.  Blockbuster, Skype, City Id, Kendle ,Amazon MP3, VZ Navigator, Car Dock and a few others.  Some of this I like and some I will never use.  I first looked and opened them to see if I liked or would use them.  Then I went to uninstall the ones I will not be using to find the uninstall button is grayed out.  Called Verizon they had told me they could not be uninstalled and if I removed them it would void the warranty.   I accept the fact they put this Apps on there to help reduce the price but let us remove them if we do not want them.  CityId is not an app you can use with out buying it and Car dock opens every time I dock it in the car.  The Car Dock is an ok app but I use another app for docking and it gets in the way.  There is not a way to disable the Car Dock.  Verizon tried to justify the installed apps by telling me new computers do the same.  This is true BUT they let me uninstall want I do not want.  VERY ARGROVATING

Re: PreInstalled Apps
You cant uninstall them, they come preloaded in the ROM and are a part of the phone. If you got the newer ones tho you shouldnt have to worry about them. The devices have a ton of memory. Only way to get rid of them is to hack the phone and that voids the warranty. its kinda like trying to uninstall iphone preloaded apps.