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Question about Lookout Mobile Security
Sr. Member

I need some assistance. In the discription section regarding Lookout Mobile Security, it says that it can remotely turn on the GPS function on your phone if it's off, in order to use the remote locate feature in the app. I have heard that this can sometimes work in Android version 2.1 and 2.2 but never in version 2.2.1. Since most of us with Droid X's have Android version 2.2.1, I'm guessing this remote locate feature will not work unless we leave the GPS active on our phones at all times, thereby using significant battery power.


Now my question.... could some of you who have Lookout Mobile Security on your phones test this feature and post your findings on this thread?


I have tested Norton Mobile security on my phone and when GPS is turned on, the remote locate feature can locate my phone to within 2 meters at times. Sometimes slightly less accurate. i.e. 6 or 10 meters, but mostly 2 meters. But it cannot turn on GPS if it's off. (I have version 2.2.1)


Again, the accuracy of the remote locate feature on Lookout is not my main concern, although you can post your results. I'm more interested in whether or not it can indeed turn on the GPS on your phone if it's off.


(I'm also going to post this in the Droid X forum as I have a Droid X)


Thanks to any and all for your assistance,

Re: Question about Lookout Mobile Security
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Normally by design the GPS can remain on without draining battery because originally the gps is suppose to grant access when a app request for this information.  Now I can say that at times some apps handle this request incorrectly which causes the gps to remain active more than required that can cause a nice drain.  It is best to try to verify that you are not granting to many apps access to the gps to avoid the confusion.


Another option is to try a app called Tasker (, with this app you can setup the gps to trigger to on position when a app you choose that may need it and then trigger back off when the connection isn't needed.  But I need to warn you the app is a pain to setup but it does work well once you get it figured out. :smileyvery-happy: