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Remote Desktop Speed changed when provider changed

Recently the company I work for changed internet providers going from an AT&T T-1 line to Comcast business high speed internet which is supposed to be about 8 times faster.  For a long time I have used the Remote Desktop app on my android and a VPN connection to access my PC at work with no issues.  After the company changed providers, this method is now very slow and basically not worth having.  Nothing has changed on the setup on my phone and nothing has changed on the network at work.  Now I am going Phone - Verizon - Comcast - Work instead of Phone - Verizon - AT&T - Work.  Does anyone have any idea as to why this has happened and what can be done to get back up to an acceptable speed?

Re: Remote Desktop Speed changed when provider changed

a t1 is steady rate of 1.5 up and down

cable can vary day to day depending on usage of the line.  remember your sharing with everyone else on your run


imho a t1 is more reliable