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Skype - Cannot Receive Calls on Droid X

For some reason I cannot receive Skype to Skype calls. I can call out,  but my phone never rings when someone is trying to call me.


Some additional information for you consider:


  • When I log into Skype on my PC with the same Skype account everything works fine. I can receive calls with no problem.
  • On my DX, I can see the Skype status of my contacts and they can see mine so no problem there.
  • I can send and receive Skype instant messages on my DX.


The only thing I can't do is RECEIVE Skype to Skype calls!


I stopped by the Verizon store this evening to try to resolve my issue  with Skype Mobile on my DX. There was a long wait, so in the meantime I  did some testing on the demo phones in the store. On the HTC Incredible  and the Droid X demo phones I created two new Skype accounts. I was  trying to rule out the following:

  1. It was something particular to my Droid X.
  2. It was something particular to the Droid X in general.
  3. It was something particular to my specific Skype account.


Interestingly, I got the exact same result on both phones each with  its own brand new Skype account (i.e., both allowed Skype IM, both  could dial out, but neither one could receive Skype calls). STRANGE!!

When I finally got some help from someone at the stop (who happened to  have a Droid X of her own), we tried it with her phone. Her DX DID  receive Skype calls. We tried to determine settings and version  differences, but could not come up with anything.

We also uninstalled the Skype update to put things back to the  out-of-the-box version (which was still the version on her phone), but  that did not help.

I really could use some help on this one and would appreciate ideas you may have.

Has anyone successfully used Skype-to-Skype calls on your DX over 3G? What version are you using.


Re: Skype - Cannot Receive Calls on Droid X
Sr. Member

Just for chips and giggles, try placing your battery manager into performance mode, now try a skype to skype call to your handset.

Re: Skype - Cannot Receive Calls on Droid X

I have provided some information below that may help.

Step 1 – Try programming the device (Instructions below)

-Dial *228 and press send.

-Press 1 once the automated recording requests it

-Wait approximately 45 seconds until it shows programming successful.

Step 2 – Try clearing the Skype applications data (Instruction article below)

***you may have to log back into the Skype account after this step is completed.