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SlingBox Mobile for Android

I just received news that this application is finally out. How about we start a threat on this topic so we that buy, or are contemplating doing so, can evaluate its success, or lack thereof???

Re: SlingBox Mobile for Android
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Now that this is available, I'll probably order a Slingbox and this software next month.  I just ordered an RC airplane today, and only one toy at a time for me.

Re: SlingBox Mobile for Android

I really like my SlingBox Solo. I've used SlingPlayer Mobile on an iPod touch (Wi-Fi) and it works great.


I've been waiting for this app to come out for a while and was very happy to see an email from Sling this morning.


I've only watched about 30 minutes of Man Vs. Wild so far and it works great. No crashes or anything. There was the infrequent occasional stutter that lasted for a fraction of a second. I was in a metal building near a window and probably only had around 1 bar of 3G.


The interface isn't as polished as the player for iPhone/iPod touch. Some of the buttons and controls look like a 1.0 version. However, it works as advertised.


It's a completely acceptable experience since I pretty much just want to watch TV during my lunch hour or other times when I have 1/2 hour to kill.


In case it helps:

Driod Eris

FiOS for Internet

DirecTV for TV

Re: SlingBox Mobile for Android
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Can you plug a Slingbox directly into a cable wall outlet or do you have to plug into a cable receiver box?  The reason I ask is I have an unused cable outlet next to a cat5 cable that runs to my router.  If I put the Slingbox where by cable box is, I will need some sort of wireless bridge to connect to the router.