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Smarter My Verizon Mobile??

I wish the app were simply smarter than it is.


I have a Droid Incredibile.  It is on a Corp plan which pays for the monthly bill.  I don't pay that bill, really have no reason to look at the usage info for it.


However, I do own a Samsung SCH-LC11 4G Hotspot.  I want to be able to "quickly" see the usage info for it especially since going over on the data plan can end up being VERY EXPENSIVE.


Using the website on a mobile device using the Hotspot to find out usage is not useful at all.  Too many steps and the website it is not formated for mobile devices. 


Can't send the SMS message commands to get the info since the Hotspot doesn't have/use text messaging (no VZAccess used by the device).


If I use My Verizon Mobile, it looks at the account that is associated with the Droid, NOT the Hotspot and unless you are using WiFi, doesn't even give you the ability to change what it looks at.


Using WiFi on the Droid and accessing My Verizon Mobile does allow me to select what device to have it check, but each time I use it I have to:


o be using WiFi since otherwise it defaults to the droid account (not useful in my case)

o Need to remember the phone number of the hotspot... Something you never need to know for any other purpose (text messages are not possible with the device since it doesn't use VZAccess.

o Re-enter the Password each time.


The app should allow you to save a profile which you can then choose when you enter the app to select the correct account that the info is needed for.  It should include:


o ID (or in this case the Phone Number of the device)

o Password


Then when entering My Verizon Mobile, I could select which profile to actually use and it would have some value.