What's up with ISIS?
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I read that two of the main investors in ISIS backed out, and meanwhile Google is making Google Wallet (complete with tap and pay functionality) available on all new devices with NFC on all carriers.  Where does that leave ISIS?  Google Wallet, despite being restricted on the nations three biggest carriers, already has more than four times the number of users as ISIS on all three carriers put together, and with its new availability on the three biggest carriers surely that figure will increase tremendously, and many people will leave ISIS for Google Wallet.  Things aren't looking good for ISIS.  Will it stop being supported in the near future or are the carriers going to continue to try to breathe life back into it?  How will this affect Android updates?  (In other words, will Verizon keep Android 4.4 in "certification limbo" as a means of indirectly blocking Google Wallet going forward?)