YouTube Application questions

Question 1:


How come on the YouTube application on the Droid, it doesn't show all the videos that are normally available?  For example, my fiancee was looking for "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga.  I can easily find it on my PC, but it can't be found anywhere on my Droid.  Seems quite odd, have seen it happen for a lot of other artists (mostly new bands/artists, but even with some older bands, certain videos are available & certain ones aren't).


Question 2:


Also, some videos show up, but when you try to view, says "Video Cannot Be Played".  I really don't get why it would return videos that you can't play...


Question 3:


Is it possible to add comments to videos too? 


Question 4:


How do I remove Favorite videos?  Some get pulled off almost immediately (probably due to copyright stuff, etc etc).  My favorites list is full of "Sorry, this video is no longer available"


Mostly piddly stuff, I know, but it's one of the most annoying things about an otherwise perfect smartphone.  Thanks for the glance!



Re: YouTube Application questions
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This subject has been beaten to death already. The Youtube app blows. Just use your browser to go to works much better. D Dave