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Arizona is NOT on Daylight Savings Time!

All the references I find to this issue are dated 2012.  It's now 2019 and it's still an issue (for me, at least) in Arizona.  My phone time is correct (network selects MST, not MDT as the correct time zone), but all of the entries in my Google calendar are off by an hour.  Silly me!  I had previously had my phone set to Automatic Date and Time per network.  Now all my previously-set calendar entries show Mountain Daylight Time as the time zone, and they're all off by an hour relative to MST.  The only solution I can think of is to set the time zone manually to Mountain Standard Time and then to go through and change all the calendar entries one by one to the correct time.  Does anyone have a better idea?

Re: Arizona is NOT on Daylight Savings Time!


In the meantime, I called Verizon tech support and learned of a work-around that is not quite satisfactory in my opinion, but it solves the problem for now.  The solution was to set the phone time to Mountain Standard Time manually, disabling the automatic network time selection feature.  Then, in the Google calendar, go to Menu->Settings->General->Time Zone and set the time zone to Mountain Daylight Time.  This makes all the calendar appointments display as the correct time even though the time zone in the background is wrong.


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Re: Arizona is NOT on Daylight Savings Time!

2020 and I'm having the same issue. Trying to schedule an Uber this morning was a fudging nightmare because the time kept changing an hour early. Verizon needs to fix this. 

Re: Arizona is NOT on Daylight Savings Time!
Sr. Member

Verizon isn't Google nor has any ability to govern a states lack of daylights saving.

I also live in AZ and set my phone timezone manually.

Re: Arizona is NOT on Daylight Savings Time!
Customer Support

Hello, being on top of your time is vital, especially if its affecting your daily activities. How often does this happen? Would it fix itself or did you correct it? Any other issues? Aside from the time change, any recent modifications (software update, new apps, etc.)? What is your device make/model?