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Droid advice needed.

I'm trying to buy myself and my mother a new phone. And we both want Androids.


I would really appreciate it if you all on here can give me advice on what the best (or even the worst) experiences you may had have with a Droid. Tell me what you know. It'll be very well appreciated.


If it helps... I'm really big on social networking (mainly facebook), the "swipe" feature, and just good app handling. 


I want something that is reliable, and doesn't break VERY easily. Right now, I have the LG Voyager, and I've had 6 replacements since 2008. Its currently broken right now actually, and I should get my 7th replacement.  -__-


Anyways, please share the advice! I want to hear what you all have got to say.


Thanks! :smileyhappy:

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Re: Droid advice needed.

I have an LG ally and so far I've only had some lag issues. I've only had to get the phone replaced once. From what I've found though, if you don't have a gmail account you'll probably wind up with some email issues on the LG ally. If you're looking for some nicer android phones and you have the spare cash get one with Android 2.2 or phones that are scheduled to receive 2.2 or even 2.3. I know a family that has Droid (all them has some version or another) and they all love it and, as far as I know, none of them have encountered issues with them. And right now you can "buy one get one" on one of the Droid phones, supposedly.

Best of luck with buying a new phone! :smileyhappy: