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Getting SIM card is not readable error after upgrade to Android 6 (Marshmallow)

On my LG G4, I accepted the upgrade to Android 6 on Feb 20th. After that, I started getting the error "SIM card is not readable". I was initially able to fix the error by restarting the phone; however, the error happened again late yesterday, and I'm unable to fix it...I tried shutting the phone down, removing and reinserting the SIM card, and multiple restarts, but I still get the error and have no phone service. One last detail: it appears that the error occurs after auto-update of installed apps; I've tried uninstalling the apps that got the updates, but that hasn't helped.

Has anyone else seen this issue? Any suggested solutions?

thanks in advance,


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Re: Getting SIM card is not readable error after upgrade to Android 6 (Marshmallow)
Customer Support

Doug, software updates are intended to provide customers a better wireless experience, not worse. I would love to address this wireless concern with you.

First, thanks for providing me a detailed description of what you’re experiencing with your device since the update and for all of the troubleshooting you have tried so far.

Please follow these steps and let me know if the problem continues:

1.    Change Network Mode to LTE/CDMA and enable Data Roaming:
2.    Reset the Network Settings:
3.    Also try resetting the Access point names by accessing Settings > More > Mobile networks > Access point names > (Menu) > Reset to default.

Please keep me posted with your results.

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Re: Getting SIM card is not readable error after upgrade to Android 6 (Marshmallow)

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for your quick response. After posting, I decided to try a Chat session with Verizon Support, and I worked with Natalie (who was great) trying several possible solutions, including this one you've suggested. Nothing worked, and Natalie suggested  trying the Software Upgrade Assisant => Repair Assistant. That is just completing now, and looks like the problem still remains...the phone is restarted and is now reinstalling all my apps. It has already raised the alert that the SIM card is unreadable. I'll wait until everything completes, then restart the phone to see what happens.

OK, all the apps got reinstalled and updated, then I tried restarting the phone again - still getting the same error. From my chat with Natalie, the next step is a warranty replacement.

Thanks again for your help, too bad it didn't work for me.