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How do delete contacts and KEEP them deleted?

I have a Samsung Galaxy 4.

1.  When I first got the phone, the employee downloaded contacts from Google.  I noticed all names/numbers were linked together via cloud, verizion, google, etc.  Much of the info was old info that I had deleted from my previous phone.  Now I don't know which phone # is the correct number for infrequent contacts.  If I unlink, I don't know which to delete.  Also, when I search contacts to make a call, some people will be listed multiple times. Sometimes it is one person, listed 4 times with the same phone number (I assume each # comes from a different link.)  Sometimes it is one person, listed 4 times with different numbers (one would be the current phone # and the others are previous phone numbers that were no longer in use and had been updated.)  In this case, I don't know which # to choose. Can I see a list with a person listed only once?  This problem leads to my next question...

2.  I tried unlinking the contacts and then deleting one (or more) of them from the phone.  That worked until the next cloud backup which returned all the deleted info back to my phone.  I tried editing the contacts online in cloud, deleting contacts I don't need or use anymore, just to find them back again!  I tried deleting contact and then deleting trash immediately after, but, damn if they didn't return again!  So how do I deleted contact for good?

Thank you for helping.  Cheers!

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