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How to auto wifi pass off to different wifi source?

We have an Internet switch with wifi in our PC room on one side of our home and a cabled link to another switch with wifi in our garage. When I first installed the switch in the garage, our two droid cell phones would automatically pass connection to the switch with the strongest signal. This worked quite well for about 8 months. For the last several months it stopped passing the connection and remains to the initial switch it connects to when we arrive home from wherever we go on any given day. So now we have to manually switch the connection. Both switch devices are saved connections within both cell phones (Android). Both phones have latest OS updates. My phone is Droid Turbo.  Wifes phone is slightly older Droid Ultra.

Anybody have a clue how to effect auto transfer of wifi switch source to device giving strongest signal?  Thank you

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Re: How to auto wifi pass off to different wifi source?

An app called WiFi Switcher, maybe?

Re: How to auto wifi pass off to different wifi source?
Customer Support

toohip4u, I definitely understand that struggle as well when moving around from one end of the house to another. (When multiple networks are involved.) Sprmankalel offered a great recommendation for a third party app solution. Has this helped out at home with switching between the two networks?

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