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Investment in LG down the tubes Thnx Verizon

I'm going to keep this short. Buying a Flagship phone is an investment.  Not just into the phone but the hundreds of dollars in accessories that you buy with it. I was so happy to get the LG G6,  SO happy I am for a fact,  directly responsible for 4 others getting this Phone.  Now I am so Mad........  Feeling completely scammed by Verizon and possibly LG as well.  I got this phone the first day it was released..  Less than a few months later my investment NOSEDIVES 30%???   Now we all know how electronics depreciate but this is like they started catching fire in babies Cribs!!  $200.00 PLUMMET in price in just a few months ,  and now the new PLUS version  of the phone is about to get released and I am BETTING it will be priced at the same or near same as I paid for this phone.  So I ask VERIZON WHY should I EVER trust you again??  This is beyond wrong. Unless Verizon is planning to offer the new phone to it's LOYAL customers in some kind of step up program they are definitely going to lose THIS long time faithful customer for life. This smells too much like an " I got you sucker " moment to me.

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Re: Investment in LG down the tubes Thnx Verizon
Customer Support

The last thing we want is to lose you as a customer. The LG G6 is a great device and we want you to be happy with your purchase. It is true that devices lose value rather quickly similar to a vehicle. We're happy to look at upgrade options should you want to upgrade to a newer device. I myself use other avenues to sell my device as the true market value can become rather low as soon as I get a new phone. Are you looking to upgrade and to what device?


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Re: Investment in LG down the tubes Thnx Verizon

Just a week ago I took a relative to Verizon to get this phone after his samsung dies.  I thought I had heard wrong when his payment was 8 dollars a month lower.  In fact the Salesman seemed uncomfortable as he knows I pre ordered the phone myself and he was waiting for me to figure it all out and blow my top.  You ask what upgrade i want?  To me there is no upgrade that is why I bought what I did.  The Only Phone I know of that would come close is the one that MAY be the reason why the price blew up...  LG unveils 128GB G6 Plus, adds bonus features to the G6 - CNET   The Plus and Pro version is the one we all wanted but wasn't available in the US.  It is being released this month and i am betting that the Extra I will be paying for the next months would cover much of the difference on the new versions.    Again we ALL know prices drop but 200 over 90 days is NOT expected nor normal no matter what product you are talking about.  As for selling it , This Isn't my first BBQ.. Now that you are offering them for $200 less than Retail what exactly do you think a 3 month old , even in FLAWLESS phone would get.  NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would accept a 1/3/ drop in 3 months!  MANT electronic companies offer a " Step Up " Program...  Ask EVGA how to do it.  That is why premium buys and influencers like us STAY with them and help push their Gear.  Absent that what do you expect.. This will leave a bad taste every month knowing that I am paying so much more than everyone else...simpler to just buy it out and leave.  3 months in and I already regret my purchase....   All the years with Verizon and now I don't feel so loyal ...time to shop around.  90 DAYS!!  Sugarcoat it all you want  90 Days HAS to be a record.  Without a plan to make it better for your pre order and loyal people to do something besides see money going up in a puff of smoke...  This is unforgivable.

Re: Investment in LG down the tubes Thnx Verizon

umm, i don't think you understand the definition of investment...

Re: Investment in LG down the tubes Thnx Verizon

let me get this straight, you bought a phone you really didn't want because the + wasn't available & now you're whining that verizon somehow cheated you......pathetic???.

btw, lg & samsung prices are apples & oranges...they're both looking to sell phones!!!