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Loyal customer mistreated, My letter to CEO

Today 01/15/2022 @5:55 PM, I received the uttermost disrespect in my life. The police were called on me for waiting to be helped. I have never been embarrassed in my life and will make sure that this matter is resolved once I speak to the right person.  On January 15, 2022, at 4:20 PM my wife and I visited the Verizon store at 1515 N. Town East Blvd Suite#515 Mesquite, Texas 75150. We came to the store to get another phone because I lost my iPhone 6, and was politely helped by one of the customer reps, who saved me some money by recommending that I purchase an unlocked phone from the nearby Target, and he gave me a Verizon sim card. 

After purchasing a Motorola Moto G power 64GB from Target and inserting the Verizon sim card into the newly purchased phone, we noticed that the phone was reading that there was no sim card. So, we returned to the Verizon Store at 1515 N. Town East Blvd Suite#515 Mesquite, Texas 75150.  We went through the process of checking in to be helped and received assistance from a different customer store representative named Jose. 

He asked, "where did you get the phone?" I replied, I purchased the phone at Target and received the Verizon sim card from another customer store representative at this store. I then pointed to the person who helped me before. After Jose asked for my phone and State Identification, he then asked me for a receipt for the sim card which I did not have because we weren't physically given one.  The Verizon store customer rep worked on getting the sim card into the phone but it resulted in the same, sim card not being available. 

Jose (Verizon customer rep) told me he couldn't do anything, so I asked could the gentleman who helped me before come and assist. He replied, "it will be about an hour."  I politely replied, fine I'll wait. I then told my wife to go home to grab my laptop while I was waiting to be helped.  After waiting, around 5:32 PM, Gilbert the Verizon store manager came to see if I have been helped. I told him what was going on with my phone. Gilbert (Store Manager) immediately told me after looking at the phone box, "this unlocked phone is not compatible, you will need an unlocked phone that is CDMA", and then he left to help another customer. 

Now, on the box where I purchased the unlocked Motorola moto g power it reads, "UNLOCKED, WORKS ON ALL MAJOR U.S. CARRIER NETWORKS". So, I just looked at him and did not reply. I guess Gilbert did not see me open the box and read where there was a small note that says, "Verizon customers, please take the next step to activate this device on an existing line, Or call Verizon customer service or visit a Verizon store". When Gilbert (Store Manager) returned, he stated, "yeah, you will need to go back to Target, and tell them the phone isn't compatible". When I showed Gilbert, what the note said and the Target website shows the phone is Verizon compatible, he then told me, "well there is nothing we can do about it, we gave you a sim card. we are about to close in five minutes, and you need to leave". The time was 5:42 PM. 

I told Gilbert, I need to speak with someone else, because, I feel he is just telling me anything to get me to leave. He refused and told me to leave. I couldn't because my wife is gone in the car, so he called Mesquite Police. When my wife, finally arrived, I explained what all occurred, and the next thing you know, Mesquite Police arrived, and I explained, my horrible experience to them. The officer politely told me that he may have to give me a ticket for criminal trespass and I just will need to leave. I complied with the officer's orders, and I gave him my driver's license I and my wife stood outside in 36-degree cold weather waiting while the officers tried to investigate what all happened at the Verizon store on 1515 N. Town East Blvd Suite#515 Mesquite, Texas 75150. 

The officer came out to hand me back my driver's license and told me that we can go home, and I am writing this now. I politely ask that someone from corporate investigate this store and look into this matter. I never felt this embarrassed and feel that everyone needs to see how Verizon management treats their customers.

And, my wife and I have been Verizon customers for over 5 years. 

My name is Brandon 

[email address removed per the Verizon Terms of Service]

Re: Loyal customer mistreated, My letter to CEO
Customer Support

Hello, BCMosley0316. I want to make sure you get the assistance you need with your phone activation and take a moment to apologize for how your visit to your store went. This is certainly not the way we want our customers to be treated. Do you still need assistance with the phones activation? *Cassie

Re: Loyal customer mistreated, My letter to CEO

Thank you for responding. However, we have been in contact with someone who has helped to rectify the issue and my phone is operating.