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Moto G7 Play - Unable to Activiate Wifi Calling

I have a Moto G7 Play updated to Android 9. There is a notification telling me: "Tap here to turn ON Wi-Fi Calling, so you can make and receive voice calls with Wi-Fi when the cellular network is not available." Because this is a "Settings Notification," it can not be turned off.

Everytime I click the notification, a popup shows on my screen saying "This may take a few moments." I have pressed the pop-up multiple times, waiting anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes each attempt. The popup remains on my screen and I am not able to turn on Wi-Fi calling. Because of the way the Moto G7 Play is, there is only room for one active notification alert at the top of my phone. And that active alert is ALWAYS the Wi-Fi Calling alert.

I want to activiate Wi-Fi Calling so I can finally be done with the stupid alert. However, all my attempts have failed. I have contected Verizon Live Chat about this issue several times. I have given them my IMEI Number and ICCID Number. Both are fine. I actually had to do a Factory Reset (which is always a headache), and that did not solve the problem. My Wifi and network connectivity are always 4-5 bars.

Does anyone have a solution to this issue?

Re: Moto G7 Play - Unable to Activiate Wifi Calling
Customer Support

I'm sorry you're having issues with activating your WiFi calling ZAS117. Is the software on your device up to date? Here is a link below with steps to that update . Did customer service check your account to make sure the correct features were on your line? Are you currently located in the United States? 



Re: Moto G7 Play - Unable to Activiate Wifi Calling

I have a related issue. I have Android 9 and a moto g7 play. There is no wifi calling button at all. Instead, the phone seems to automatically go into wifi calling when I sign onto a wifi network. The 4g goes blank and a little black dot shows up. Every now and then, I can get the phone to display "wifi calling activated" on the screen. If I pull the menu down from the top of the screen, the dot becomes a dark baseball diamond shape, indicating wifi for the phone, I presume. On the menu itself, the wifi signal is in a green circle. I can toggle the wifi on and off by touching that icon. When I toggle it off, the 4g comes on again. This turns off wifi itself, as well as wifi calling, so the two cannot be independently which I say: so what. At some point, I assume that this feature will show up on the Verizon site, but right now, the site says to use the WiFi calling button...which no longer exists. I have searched the web and find nothing about this and I contacted Motorola and they knew nothing about it, so there seems to be a communication lag. This reply may or my not be helpful.