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Remove lollipoph

How do I remove the latest update?

I have done all the resets and this so called update to lollipop has left me with an useless paperweight.

THe lag is unbearable and the freezing beyond unbearable. The only good thing is the battery only last half as long as it did the day before the update so I have to put it down for awhile. While it gives me time to cool down, the phone gets hot enough to cook on.

i Have done my second factory reset and using, well trying to use a phone with no mods or apps other than factory default

I leave for a business trip tomorrow and would like to actually have a working phone. it's clear lots of people are having these issues so come on Verizon got off your ass and give us a fix. I would like to be able to use the phone I'm paying for.

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Re: Remove lollipoph
Sr. Member

You don't. And how about the fact that Samsung is the people making the update. Not VZW

Re: Remove lollipoph

I Don't care who is responsible I just want it fixed.

<< Profanity removed to comply with Verizon Wireless Terms of Service >>

Re: Remove lollipoph
Sr. Member

Better results are obtained with updates when the factory reset is done before the update is installed.  It's to bad that Samsung/Verizon don't post a warning beforehand when these updates are pushed out.

Re: Remove lollipoph
Sr. Member

With your phone getting so hot and the battery lasting only half as long there is an app that is not closing on your phone.  This can also account for the lag as the running app is using your system resources.  Have you tried running the phone in Safe Mode?  Have you gone to Settings>Battery to see which apps are using all of your battery?  I would start there.  If you run it in safe mode then only the core OS and necessary apps to run the phone are loaded.  My guess is the phone will work just fine in Safe Mode.  Most of the time when this happens it is because one of the apps is not updated to the new OS and it will not close, or it is continuously trying to sync etc...

Re: Remove lollipoph
Sr. Leader

Great Suggestion by Jakeman1 I'll you might give this App a Try it's called system panel app its in the Google Play store there is a Free Version and a Version that cost $2.99 and it can help show what apps if there's ones running more than they should you can see whats doing what with this app and the app shows other features as well Like CPU usage Storage usage and Batter Temp and CPU Temp

Look for System Panel App in the Google Play Store..