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Samsung Gem without a data plan


I am new to this board, and even new to the "smart phone" world.  I have been using a Motorola Moto "flip phone" since time began, and honestly it does almost everything want in a phone.  Recently, after seeing my phone, my now "more-tech-savvy-than I" son gave his Samsung Gem because I told him that I wanted something that would Bluetooth music to my car.  He gave me the phone and told me to try it and that it should work without a data plan.  When I attempted to activate the phone, I could not, Verizon will not activate the phone without my getting a data plan, which I do not want or need to take advantage of the cool features of this phone.  Does anyone know of a work around?  I have researched the phone and found that it can operate the functions I want to use without a data plan.  Is this just a policy preventing my use of the phone with Verizon ?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Samsung Gem without a data plan

The Samsung Gem is an Android powered smartphone. It cannot be used without a data plan on any carrier. All smartphones require a data plan. Depending on which plan you have now, you might be able to do a share everything with a low amount of data and be around the same price you are now.