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Talked into Android now hating it.

So I was a long time iPhone user. I was having issues with my previous carrier so i switched to Verizon. When I did the switch i decided to give Android a shot. Everyone was like "It's way better than iPhone. You can do more and customize more on Android. They have better features." So on and so on. Well I got the Note II in May. All I have to say is it's been problem after problem. My email won't push like I want it to. The text message app crashed. The phone freezes. Even some apps wont even work right after I download them. At this point I am ready to return to Apple land. The iPhone was easy to use and was more functional for what I need. Android seems you have to jump through all kinds of hoops to just delete an app. Also files get saved in some directory I can't even find. Wish there was a way for me to return to iPhone without having to outright buy a new iPhone...

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Re: Talked into Android now hating it.
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Android is it's own Animal.. for me i came from a Black Berry Curve 3 years ago and I liked it, the Emails didn't push as fast as they did with my B.B. I will have to admit but once i got use to the Android format i was Hooked but I'v been told when I thought of Trying a iPhone Unless your use to it's structure stay away from it I have family that owns them but I never got very much time use with one of them to Really know how they Work.. But if your more Comfortable with a iPhone and you can afford the Switch Back then you might aught too switch back.. b33

Re: Talked into Android now hating it.

simple.... sell your note 2 on ebay 300-350.00++ depending on 16gb 32 gb n then buy an iphone 5 used on ebay 400.00+ used.

good luck-