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V20 LG Bridge/LG Airdrive Backup Feature Disabled?

So, I have the V20 and after a few weeks I decided that I should do a full backup. Went to LG US website for the Verizon LG V20 (VS995), found the backup software (to perform a full manufacture backup) called LG Bridge which also contains LG Airdrive and downloaded. (for windows pc). Installed the software on my pc following LG's directions, got to the setup portion on my phone. Settings/networks tab/share and connect/LG Bridge/LG Airdrive.

But none of this is there, this option is missing?? Called Verizon wireless tech support and was told "oh you have to call LG, we have nothing to do with that missing setting". Called LG and was told they would call me back, nothing...

Called LG again, same thing, we will escalate and call you back in 48 hours. One week later and nothing. Called Verizon wireless tech support again and was told that Verizon has no control over that setting being missing. Verizon wireless tech support connects me with LG directly, after some research and the LG tech getting a Verizon phone in his hand he stated "Verizon wireless turned that feature off". There is nothing LG can do, you have to call Verizon to enable the backup feature.

Now there is a backup feature in the phone but it backs up to the phone which is kind of useless if you lose the phone. You can also make the internal backup feature backup to an SD card if you have one installed. But still if you lose the phone you have no backup. You’re also taking up space on an SD card with a very large backup file(s). I don't ask for much, but being able to back up my phone to a PC should be OK, especially since this feature is part of the device but disabled by Verizon. Every smart phone I have had has manufactures backup software available and enabled. I called Verizon wireless tech support again and this time after telling them that LG confirmed that Verizon disabled the backup feature he agreed. He also told me I was not alone; many other customers had called for the same missing backup feature. The Verizon tech said that it is possible it "may" be enabled in the future by an OTA but could be 6 months to a year if ever.

Verizon, is there something you can do to expedite enabling the backup feature on the LG V20? Again, I don't think this is asking for much. Being able to have a secure backup separate from the phone is reasonable ask.

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Re: V20 LG Bridge/LG Airdrive Backup Feature Disabled?

It probably wasn't a standard feature therefore LG was charging the carriers to have it added to the device. Verizon Wireless and most likely other carriers choose not to pay the added cost which would have increased the phone cost paid by the customer.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: V20 LG Bridge/LG Airdrive Backup Feature Disabled?

Ive had other LG phones from LG carriers and this is not an added feature. Its disabled most likely due to the fact that verizon wants you to use their cloud storage instead.