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Voicemail problems

Recently upgraded to an HTC One M8 from an iPhone 4s. While I really like the new HTC phone a lot I am not too happy about the problem I am having with Voicemail. Seems like almost all of the voicemail messages I receive, even from landline phones, are not clear. The message fades in and out and often will not allow me to hear the full message (like if a person is giving me a phone number, often I will not be able to hear one or two numbers, which means I cannot return the call). I called VZ CS and the girl tells me that it is a problem with the persons phone who is calling me, which means that almost everyone leaving me a message has a bad phone or a bad connection, which I do not accept. The funny thing is that I almost never had this problem with my Apple iPhone!, my voicemail messages were almost always clear. Plus, I seem to recall that prior to owning the iPhone I had a Samsung phone with the same issues. I think the problem lies with the server that the voicemails are stored on but I do not know how to have this checked. By the way, I tried to get someone from tech support to run some tests on the voicemail and spent 40 minutes on the phone waiting for someone to help only to be disconnected!


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Re: Voicemail problems
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

If you press "5" during the playback of a Verizon voicemail, it should give you the date, time and calling number if available.  Of course,that doesn't help if the caller wants you to call back on a different number!

May I suggest using Google Voicemail (you can use it with your current Verizon number an dyou don't need a Google voice number) or You Mail voicemail.  Both have free versions, both send you an email with the transcript as well as allowing you to listen to and save the mp3 files of the VM, and you can listen on your phone or on your computer.  Check them out and see if the service works better for you.

Re: Voicemail problems
Customer Support


I am so sorry to hear about your voicemail issues along with the long hold time when you called in. Lets check into this voicemial issue though. Have you tried power cycling the device(on/off) and removing and reinserting the SIM Let us know if this helps.


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