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Can I see what Web sites and/or emails that are visited on my kids phones? If so, where and how do I do it? I currently have the parent plan on my account and can view calls, messages and data usage but Im more interested in knowing the Web site their visiting. Don't care to see the content, just clarification that their accessing them. Please help me...I'm a rookie!

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Re: Web View
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

The only way to do that would be to look in the browser history on the phone itself; it's not going to be anywhere on the website or Family base account.  One of the rules we had when my kids were teens was that I had access to their phones any time - since I was paying the bill and was responsible for what "happened" on the phone(s), I could have access to see for myself what they were doing.

If they want the privacy, then they need to get their own account ... and they did as they got older.  It worked for us. YMMV.