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What good is insurance if it doesn't replace your phone in a timely manner?

I have a Sony Xperia Z3v that I really like. This past Saturday I was taking out the SIM card and dropped both the card and the tray. I couldn't find the tray, so, I didn't a have a phone. the "door" over the usb plug in broke off a long time ago.

I take my phone in on Sunday to Verizon and tell them about these two problems. I was told that they couldn't fix my phone there because there was a chip in the top left corner of my phone, so, it had to go through insurance. I'm pretty sure when I first got Verizon they handled their own insurance claims and you could get a replacement phone in the store. Not anymore. I asked, "so, I'm not going to have a phone." No they will over night it to you.

I go home and get on my computer and start "chatting" with the insurance company after I discover my phone has been discontinued and I need to chose from two other phones, not one of them is a Sony. Then I discover that my "deductible" is going to be $160. REALLY?!¡ My phone is due for an upgrade in AUGUST, so, I've been paying on this insurance for almost 2 years and I haven't had a claim, so, I'm going to have to pay $150 to use my insurance.

Then during the chat, I'm told that claims can take up to 180 days to process (that'll be around the time of my ugrade) and the earliest they can get a phone to me will be Tuesday. Now go look online, most of the discriptions for the insurance when they are talking about replacing your phone it does say they will overnight it to you. What happened to truth in advertising? So, I get my daughter to call her brother and thank goodness he and his wife have an old phone I can use. I take it, then go to verizon to get a sim card because no two phones have the same size sim cards anymore.

Back home and online again. This time I'm on amazon. I find the sim tray and "door" replacement parts, all under $17 and it can be here by Tuesday. It arrived on time. The SIM card tray worked, I now have a SIM card that can be read. The "door" did not. Apparently Sony made different Z3 phones. No big deal, I'm in business.... or so I thought.

After going through what use to take maybe five minutes on the verizon website, I transferred service to my "new" old phone. It took me about an hour, I had to have an activation code sent to a different phone even though I hadn't deactivated my phone yet. Then I have to find the SIM ID which contrary to what the website says, it is NOT in the "about Phone" under "SIM ID" although the descriptive does end with "ID". then I get to the end to discover that insurance I've been paying for the whole time I've had this phone (but, had another one activated for four days) is now not covered under my current insurance¡ [removal required by the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service] ? So, if something else goes wrong, I'm not going to be able to use the insureance I've paid for going on two years on THIS VERY PHONE!!! I NOW CAN'T COVER THIS PHONE? I WANT A REFUND FOR THE LAST TWO YEAR! I'm checking into a GO phone.

I'm so disappointed in the company that I've been recommending for the last 13 years. I guess all good things must come to an end. So thanks for the years you were a good thing.

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Re: What good is insurance if it doesn't replace your phone in a timely manner?
Customer Support

Kathyzac, we are saddened to hear of your recent phone troubles. You certainly took the bull by the horns in ordering and replacing those pieces on your own and I am glad that did the trick for you. As to the insurance, it is always good to have in case you need it however, like auto insurance does come with a deductible. Typically, as soon as Asurion has received all paperwork from you, they will expedite the shipping overnight. As Federal Express does not pick up on Sunday's this would mean that the package would go out Monday and be delivered Tuesday. While I am glad to hear that you did not need to go that route in this case, this is the process you would expect going forward.

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Re: What good is insurance if it doesn't replace your phone in a timely manner?

All insurance plans for the most part require a deductible and this was explained in the terms and conditions letter for the insurance mailed to you when you got the phone. You won't be getting a refund at all, and the insurance is removed if you add a different phone to your line.

AS far as overnighting, you called on a Sunday. Fed Ex and the others don't process shipment on Sunday's as its not a business day, so it would ship Monday for Tuesday delivery. That's standard operating procedure.

AS far as stores handling the insurance Verizon discontinued that. Too many people trying to defraud the system. Back in the day you had to send your phone to the manufacturer which took longer than overnight. Just an FYI .

ANd lastly, I'm curious, you broke your phone, not a warranty issue but physical damage. Why was instant gratification warranted?

Re: What good is insurance if it doesn't replace your phone in a timely manner?

No, I didn't break my phone. I lost a little piece that was easy to

replace. I did it myself. there was a tiny chip in my screen it doesn't

interfere with any of the operating system. the "door" I wanted to replace

has to be opened each time it's plugged in to charge and it was connected

by a plastic, which shockingly broke.

Just curious, do you understand sarcasm? I don't expect my money back and

contrary to your statement about the policy changing when you change

phones. I called and since it was just a temporary fix for a problem (4

days) I didn't get a new phone. I basically rented a car, you know when

your car is in the shop, they don't cancel your insurance because you have

to drive something else, do they? (sarcasm).

As for calling on a Sunday? I have upgraded my phone with Verizon before on

a Sunday and gotten it on a Monday. In case you haven't noticed businesses

do guarantee Monday delivery at times.

Let's go back to the insurance, Verizon was claiming that since my screen

has that little "nick" in it that it was "totaled", so, I've bought the

phone or buying it, either way, cars are like that too. Why is this the

type of insurance where I have to turn over the product I own, pay a

deductible to get a replacement. Car insurance they cut you a check for how

much the car is worth, you keep the car and it's up to you to find a

vehicle with the money from the insurance company.

So, why is phone insurance more like health insurance? I pay a deductible

there, but, I don't think my uterus, or my gall bladder could be used as

spare parts. (again, sarcasm.)

And lastly, I wonder where did you get that I was asking for instant

gratification? All I needed was a tray for my SIM card, I wanted service

for a minor problem, actually, I WANT SERVICE from a company that's been

getting my money for my phone and three other phones for the last 13 years.

"One is easily fooled by that which one loves." *Jean Baptiste Poquelin


Re: What good is insurance if it doesn't replace your phone in a timely manner?

Its nothing arguable. Your tiny little crack voided any warranty. And yes I fully understand sarcasm. I use it regularly. And you never ordered a phone on a Sunday and gotten it Monday. That never happens and never will. I've worked closely with shipping companies over the years but even Verizon and others websites show shipping schedules.

AS far as the rental "analogy" that's bull and void and makes no sense. Phone insurance companies get to dictate what they will and won't cover.

Re: What good is insurance if it doesn't replace your phone in a timely manner?

Call Sony directly and work with them to get a new SIM card tray/door.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: What good is insurance if it doesn't replace your phone in a timely manner?
Sr. Leader

Did you check your box? I believe they had an additional plug in it.

Re: What good is insurance if it doesn't replace your phone in a timely manner?

It has a compartment for a memory card. I got the SIM tray. I got that part covered.

Re: What good is insurance if it doesn't replace your phone in a timely manner?

YES! I have ordered a phone via the phone service on a Sunday and gotten it on a Monday. I know because I was surprised and it was my mother's phone so, then I had to drive to fedex after work, pick it up and take it to my mother. Don't call me a liar. You don't know me.... Thank GOD!

"AS far as the rental "analogy" that's bull and void and makes no sense. Phone insurance companies get to dictate what they will and won't cover."

Really? So you're just one of those, this is the way it is, so that makes it right kind of person! That sir is Bull. No the warranty was void, the warranty covers cracks. They were willing to replace it, I wasn't willing to pay $160 for a phone that WORKS and just needed a part that cost less than $3. I did not buy a new phone so therefore I didn't change my coverage. I'm sorry my "rental" analogy made too much sense for you.

Re: What good is insurance if it doesn't replace your phone in a timely manner?

I Got my first phone with Verizon in 1995, and didn't waive insurance, so I got the pamphlet from Asurion in the mail a week or two later. 

Asurion is the insurance carrier all cell carriers use.  it's a separate company.

I Think the point is, insurance makes no financial sense.  I agree.  I canceled the $8 a month insurance back then and have not insured a phone since.  With all the phones and the addition of other phones, I calculate we saved over $5,000 in 20 years.   In all that time, one phone was lost, one chewed by a puppy, one dropped repeatedly and while it looks perfect, no longer works.   I figure I'm $4,000 ahead.

Add up all the insurance you have ever paid - that was the rip off, not the $160 you paid to insure this phone, or the deductible you might have paid.   ( btw, if you do the math....adds up to $300 +/- or about the cost of buying a new Z3v off eBay)

IS it Verizon's fault?   Nope.   No more than any other carrier.   We don't have to have insurance.

GOing online for spare parts was a smart move.   Going direct to Sony might be better.  Sony is no longer dealing with US carriers.  Sony is selling GSM only through retailers now.  Having a spare phone is also a good idea.  Since I no longer have a landline (another $35 bucks a month saved) I must have a working cell phone.

Re: What good is insurance if it doesn't replace your phone in a timely manner?

You are confusing warranty and insurance.

Let's go back to your car analogy. Does your manufacturer warranty cover a crack in the windshield for no charge or do you have to submit that claim to the insurance company and pay the deductible? Or better yet, since the cost of the windshield replacement is usually less than your deductible you just pay for it out of pocket. That is not a warranty. Your phone insurance works the same way. You had damage to the device that voided the warranty (which would not have replaced the SIM tray anyway). That is where insurance comes in. However, the insurance replacement of your phone (had it been in stock) may not have come with a SIM tray. The deductible is there because the cost of replacing your phone is around $650. Unlike paying the deductible for damages and having your car repaired, the phone is completely replaced with a certified like new replacement. The difference between the cost of the device and the deductible is paid by the insurance company. I am sure that you knew that already as we all know how insurance works.

I didn't hear anyone call you a liar but it is highly unlikely that you ordered a device from Verizon Wireless on a Sunday and received it on a Monday. FedEx does not do pick ups on Sundays. Maybe if it was during the Christmas Holiday season but I don't think they do that even then. I could be wrong but orders placed on a Sunday aren't fulfilled by Verizon on Sunday as the warehouse is usually closed.  There are cases when your order is placed in time on Monday through Thursday that you would receive it the next day. I assure you that Asurion, the insurance company, would not fulfill your order placed on Sunday until Monday which would make delivery Tuesday.

As far is in store insurance replacements, you must be a first responder in order for Assurion to approve this type of transaction. Verizon did used to provide in store warranty replacements (devices with no physical or liquid damage) but the expense of sending devices to all of their stores and then having the store send defective devices back to the warehouse became too much and they started (in 2011) to send the devices directly to the user and having the user sed the defective device back to them.