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Why exactly does my Google Nexus 5 not work with the VZW network?


This question is exclusively trying to figure out why this is the case. Please don't flame Verizon here... It won't help me get the information I need (someone bashes *your* company, would you want to answer *their* questions?).


1. Is there anything beyond inserting the LTE SIM card that I would need to do to get it activated? If this isn't possible, then I have question 2.

2. Is the reason for this related to hardware, firmware on the Nexus 5 itself, or something else?

I couldn't really find anything answering this question in its specific form, through all the flaming and lack of information given by VZW Customer Service reps (probably because of the former). My question is more on the side of the technical specifics of it.

(Side note: I've heard that it's because of missing CDMA bands, but most of those were of the time rumors were floating everywhere. Now, most of the Internet talk is just about people flipping out over "It doesn't work!". I want to know *why*.)

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Re: Why exactly does my Google Nexus 5 not work with the VZW network?

Besides the frequencies not being compatible, the device IMEI numbers are not in the Verizon Wireless database of compatible devices.

The FCC filing information for the device and devices that are activated on the network are available through the FCC website. You can read for yourself exactly which frequency bands were tested.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.