Change to Email Policies
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Change to Email Policies:

The Email Policies have been removed from, and replaced with the notice below:

We no longer offer email service, and have previously notified all email customers of the need to immediately migrate their email to the AOL platform (to maintain their email address) or a third party platform.  Please see the Frequently Asked Questions at for additional information. 

All migrations must be completed before December 5, 2017

After this date, any remaining email accounts will be subject to deletion and will not be accessible in any way.  This means:

  • Any email addresses not migrated to the AOL platform before December 5, 2017 will no longer be available for use
  • All email, calendar and address book content not migrated to AOL or a third party before December 5, 2017 will be deleted from our systems email customers who have previously chosen Yahoo as their portal partner are not impacted by this change and may continue to maintain their email address on the Yahoo platform, subject to their Terms of Service with Yahoo. 

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