Welcome to the new Verizon Community - Please introduce yourself!
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Community Manager

Welcome to the newly revamped Verizon Community. 

I am Nilsa one of your community managers and I have been with the Verizon Communities for almost 9 years. I live in NJ with my husband and my dog ,Prince. I have one daughter who is currently doing her Doctoral in Education Administration and has a 4 month old baby who is  super adorable. I am a very proud Glam_Ma!

I have an obsession for shopping online and sometimes forget that I have new outfits in the closet. Oftentimes, my husband and I wind up bagging a lot of of clothes and shoes and donating it to charity. I enjoy wine tasting and traveling. But my new time favorite is spending time with my adorable grandson. 😍

Our team has worked for  a year to combine the Mobile and Home Communities and we are excited to share it with you all.

Please introduce yourself below and stick around for all the exciting things we have coming this new year!

Thank you for being such a valuable member of the Verizon Community!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi everyone, I'm Dan and also work on the Community management team.  I spent 5 years working in the wireless community from 2015-2019.  Last year, I returned to the Community team to take part in this exciting merge and revamp of our community!

When I'm not working in this Community, you can usually find me... on other Communities!  I love everything about music, from  listening to playing, to going to live concerts and I love discussing it with others online.  Concerts are my happy place - there's nothing like being in a room of fellow fans and already having something in common with every single one.  In fact, that's how I met my wife and we recently just celebrated our first 6 months of marriage!

Looking forward to interacting with all of you and continuing to make this Community THE place to be!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi everyone. I'm Ed and I work along with @NilsaF_VZW  and @Dan_VZ  as part of the Community Admin team.  I started working with this team close to two years now. Previously my focus and background has been with Wireless, so now that we are a combined community, I'm looking forward to learning more about the Fios/Home side of things.

Outside of the work life, I like to mess around in the kitchen or outside on the grill and smoker cooking for my family. It is always a great feeling seeing the satisfaction on their faces and mouths after you spend time preparing a meal. My wife and I live in sunny California so it is nice to be able to still do outdoor things in the colder months. We have two children in college and two at home finishing up high school. Empty nest status is coming up too fast! 😟

In the mean time, I look forward to getting to know others from the community. Thanks for all your contributions and helping out the customers at Verizon!


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Community Manager

Hello everyone!

I 'm Nivali and I work on the Community Management team along with @NilsaF_VZW , @Dan_VZ and @EC_VZW .  I have been with Verizon for over 2.5 years now and slightly over a year with the Verizon Community and was closely responsible in building the combined (Mobile+Home) community . I'm a product person with over 10 yrs of experience and always look towards solving customer needs/problems and quite curious about learning new processes/technologies which can make life easy for the customers.

On the personal front, I live in India in a 4 generation joint family (my support system and strength) with my husband and 2 kids. I'm a yoga person and ensure to keep my mind and body fit to be able to balance various aspects of life.

As we have our One Community live now, would like to know more about the members in the community. 

Thank you for all the valuable contributions to the community and would totally appreciate your feedback on how you like the new community.