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I've seen this question posted on this community and on other websites, but for other phones so I still don't have an answer for my phone.


I had an LG Envy. I had Get It Now (I think that's what it was called, the internet thing) or something. I upgraded to an iPhone4. When I upgraded (online), I canceled the GetItNow service. Now I got two messages from 4756 (//BREW:0108f3d4:GCD) and one from 6200 (//BREW:0x01017246:TYPE=SAS;U1;CONT=0,1,0:smileywink:. I've read in other posts online and on this board that my phone thinks I still have the GetItNow, even though I canceled it. Other instructions state to take out the battery. That can't be done with the iPhone4. I called Verizon Tech Support and she said there is no way to stop these messages and I'll just have to deal with it forever.


So two questions:

1) Why does my iPhone4 think I still have GetItNow (or whatever it was) when I canceled it before I got this phone (when I upgraded)?

2) And more importantly, what can I do to get my iPhone4 to stop receiving these messages.



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Re: BREW Text Messages
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1. Not sure, maybe you weren't removed properly and your number is stil in the system (to send texts out to)


2. It would depend on what happened when you removed Get It Now and how they deal with it, if they can remove it, I think they would need to remove your number from the texting system, though like the CSR said, you may be stuck with it


I am not sure if this will do anything, but if something says to take out the battery, hold down the sleep and home buttons together (don't let go), the iPhone should do a hard reboot as if you removed the battery and put it back in, alternatively, you can also hold the sleep button until the Turn Off menu comes up, then just slide to turn off, then press the sleep button to turn it back on