Disappearing ship dates for Iphone 7 plus jet black??
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Customer service stated that this actually shows that there is movement in your order and it will ship soon. My original date was 10/5 10/12 then 10/26. 10/26 has disappeared and CS says for me to expect it to ship on or before the 5th. Have any of you guys heard the same?

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Re: Disappearing ship dates for Iphone 7 plus jet black??
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Great news!  My cc was charged just a few minutes ago.  I rec'd an email notification thanking me for a payment, then checked my bank account and saw the charges.  So I am hoping for a Monday delivery!

I ordered JB 7+ 256gb on 9/9 at about 3:16am EST, rec'd confirmation email at 3:17am EST, with ship by date of 9/28.

Of course my status still shows "processing", but I been through this before and know it take a little bit for that to update.  My ship by date disappeared this past Monday too.

So there is hope for that others JB 7+ phones will be shipping out for everyone else that is waiting.