Getting my photos from my old iphone from my new iphone

I recently cracked the screen on my phone, and just had another sent to me. I was able to retrieve some of the photos, but not all of them. After activating my new device, it seems like its impossible to get data from my old device. I am technologically savvy, and I know that connecting the phone to my computer should pull up iPhoto, and then I can simply import the photos to my computer- but for some reason my computer isn't recognizing my old phone. Is this a lost cause? I have some memories that I really don't want to lose, but I also really cant afford to hold onto the phone any longer and risk being charged for the non-return fee. PLEASE HELP! Even if it's to tell me I'm screwed, that way I can send this damn thing back to where it belongs ASAP

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Hello sarahballoon,

I'm glad to hear that you were able to have your iPhone replaced due to a cracked screen. I think we both can agree that the iPhone's full retail price is not a budget friendly price point. Based on your posting, it sounds like you are using a Macintosh to transfer photos to your new iPhone from your old iPhone. If this is the case then I have a Youtube video that will walk you through the process. Please the first link on how to transfer pictures from your iPhone to your Mac.

Once you have completed the photo transfer to the Mac, please verify that you are able to view the pictures on the computer. Once you have done so then you can follow the steps in this video on how to transfer photos from your Mac to your replacement iPhone.

Although this video is using an iPad in the demonstration, the steps are the same for iPhones as well. Keep in mind that the steps are applicable even if you are switching Apple IDs as well. If you have any additional questions or concerns then don't hesitate to reply with your concern for more assistance.

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If you are still having problems trying to transfer your pictures to your new iPhone, there is something that may work

Is the screen on your old iPhone still operable? (can you still view and manipulate the screen even though it's broken?), if so, you can set iCloud to backup your Camera Roll, then start an iCloud backup, this should save all the photos in the Camera Roll to your iCloud, then whatever iDevice you have your AppleID on (your replacement iPhone in this case) will upload all the photos in your iCloud, you may have to save each photo from iCloud to the Camera Roll of your replacement iPhone