HELP! Here yesterday, gone today- Notes

Yesterday I had several notes in my Notes app on my iPhone 4s and today none past February 14, 2013 are showing up. I have re-started my phone, hooked it up to the computer to synch it to see if that would help and they are still not appearing. I haven't deleted any of them. Is this a network error or ?? Help! This is so bizarre!

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Re: HELP! Here yesterday, gone today- Notes
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1fabsundevil, thanks for posting. This is a strange occurance. Are you still having sync issues? If so, have you verified In Notes that your notes are not stored in a local folder? Example: On My iPhone or On My Mac. If you have notes in these folders, you will need to copy or transfer them to iCloud or IMAP to sync with your other devices. Please post more details so we can resolve this issue.^SP