I restored iPhone to factory settings.
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When activating a phone by dialing *228 opt1 will the recording ask to provide your cell number and/or last digits of SSN? I accidentally restored my iPhone to factory settings. The phone shows signal bar, it doesn't say the network towers same such as Verizon or Extended and I get a message saying to activate my phone? Will *228 help this? I was told by Verizon it would help hopefully it does. But when I dial what will I be asked? I've gone through this before, however it would just play music and then it'd say it's updated, but I was able to do that several times. I heard from other users that you can only do this once when activated and that I would have to dial my phone number and last digits of my SSN, I actually hope that this is the case because hopefully it'll fix my problem for the reason I restored the phone to factory settings.

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