IPhone 5 shut down

My IPhone 5 shut down twice recently within the past week. The first time I was able to restore is by connecting to Itunes. The second time I was not. I connected to Itunes the past 2 nights and when I connected my phone it just kept saying "waiting for Iphone" like it didn't even recongnize it even through the Apple logo appeared on my phone nothing happened. I tried the classic hold both buttons for 10-45 seconds. I plugged it into the wall. Still nothing. I have had the phone for 11 months and it has not been damaged or abused in any way.

I now have an appointment to take it into an Apple store to see if they can do anything. Is it going to be worth my time doing this or should I just take advantage of my extended warranty and take it to a Verizon store for replacement?

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Re: IPhone 5 shut down
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I apologize for the delay in our response. We reply to everyone in the order we receive them. Did you already take the phone to the Apple store?

If the phone is under warranty and there is no damage it can be replaced at no cost.

Please keep me posted if you need further assistance.


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