I was just in an accident that caused me to total my car, during the accident my phone flew out of the middle console and hit the door causing the screen to crack. I have insurance on my phone, will I be able to replace it with no cost since I have the insurance?

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Alexalavonne, first let me start off by saying I am glad you are okay after the car accident. How the insurance feature works is you would have to contact Asurion, pay the deductible, and they will send you a phone. To learn more about the deductible and to file the claim please visit  Seeing as you have an iPhone you can set up an appointment at the Apple store to have them take a look at the crack to see if they can repair it for you. A lot of times, from my understanding this is cheaper than filing a claim. To find the nearest Apple store please visit

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Depending on who's at fault in the accident, save every receipt including your deductible. The at fault parties insurance will need to reimburse you.