Iphone 7 Plus Jet Black STOLEN from shipping box!!!
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So get this guys my dad and brother just received their shipments one MB 7+ and one JB 7+ when we opened the boxes the box that should have had the JB was GONE somebody from FedEx I guess STOLE the JB phone they also re tapped box with clear tape not the brown Verizon uses in warehouse!!! This JB craze is getting out of hand we have since called Fed Ex and Verizon and that phone has been flagged as stolen and he has a jump the line on a new order for his phone. I really hope everyone gets their JB phones shipped and actually receive them and does not have to go through this!
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Re: Iphone 7 Plus Jet Black STOLEN from shipping box!!!
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Damn bro I've seen you around here on the forums anxiously waiting, and when you finally get it some asshat robs you - sorry to hear that brother. Glad Verizon/Apple stepped to the plate and gave your father a jump in the line.