Payment not taken yet?

Hi, I live in PA, and I ordered my iPhone 5 32gb white at 3:05 am EST. I got a receipt that says it would be delivered by 9/21, also my confirmation email that I have recieved within 30 minutes of my order says the same. I checked today with my confirmation number and is says "We recieved your order and it is in process. Payment not taken yet." The delivery date has also changed to 10/05!!! My order location is D771001 but I dont know if that helps. What is going on here? How can I recieve my phone on Friday 9/21 like I should? I also noticed other people that have had similar problems. So if anyone can help that would be muchly appreciated! Thank you!

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Re: Payment not taken yet?
Customer Service Rep

I understand your excitement for this device, Acendoc. It is a device that's high in demand and we appreciate your patience while it's shipped to you. Please visit to check the status of your order and the approximate delivery date. Have a great day!