Prepaid Activation problems

I have been with Verizon for years maybe even 10. As long as I don't need help with customer service everything is fine. The second something goes wrong and I have to talk to people i have numerous headaches. 

My iphone 6s Plus broke on me and decided to get a regular 6 considering I love my phone and wanted it to be a little smaller. Phone gets to my house I try and get some help activating it and what do you know the sim card isn't responding. 4 and 1/2 hours later multiple things have been tried and they even tried to use my old sim card on the new phone and still nothing worked. I told these people I got a bad phone and i'll send the other back but they insisted it was the sim card and to go to the Verizon store directly. I did everything in the world to not see them because the store itself is filled with air heads who know nothing about phones and just wants a check. 

So now i'm in the Verizon store and the it was exactly what I said (air heads who know nothing about phone). The lady was very nice yet she figured i didn't know what i was talking about and tried the same exact things over and over. I understand she needed to see for herself but after several attempts we should have gone to the next step. After the 1st hour they decided to go in back to try and replace my phone only i have a prepaid so now they need to find the special prepaid iphones. Now they are asking me how in love am i with my phone number etc because they are trying to tell me they can't activate a phone and I keep the same number. After the second hour of being there they refunded me the money for the phone and told me i need to order yet another phone online. They wanted it sent to the store but the online reps said they can't do that and it must go to my house. 

So now I order the new phone yet again which it comes with 2 day free shipping and I should have had it Friday on the 22nd of Feb. All I got was the receipt why?? because it's still processing even at this very moment. So I still don't have my replacement phone for my replacement phone. Customer service is closed, the people on chat is sending me to everybody else including the local people at the store and here i am still with my old broken iphone. 

At this point i'm condering all of my options including just leaving Verizon all together. There great phone service is always buried by the poor customer service skills. Nobody ever seems to have an answer oh and by the way the people i have spoke with today claims they can't even see my order number that was placed on the 20th. I'm just sick and tired. This isn't the first time this has happened either. Every single time I get a new phone it always comes with problems. They have this change your device link on the app yet it will tell you to get help with it because they want you to need help only for the help to send you all over the world. They all apolgize with no solutions i'm just angry! 

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Re: Prepaid Activation problems

With prepaid you should just move your SIM card.   I’m baffled why the store didn’t just make you a new sim with your number.  

Ive had nothing short of excellent service with Verizon employees.  You might consider trying a different store front.