Promo credit for trade-ins

I traded in 3 phones at a Verizon store back in August.  I received the monthly promo credit on only one phone.  I have gone back to the store and have over 50 back and forth messages and phone calls documented trying to resolve this since November.  I have spent alot of time and stress on this while going through surgery and chemo.  One agent said he took care of it in December, but no still credit on my bill.  How could they receive only one phone?  There is either incompetence or fraud going on.  The "team blames the store and the store blames the team.

I switched from Sprint to Verizon with 7 phones on the plan and am now sorry I did.  The commercials say "everyone deserves a new free phone".  Well, they got two free phones, which were fairly new and I would have kept them if not for the promotion, which I did not receive. 

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Customer Service Rep

Susan752, we appreciate you bringing this to our attention and apologize for the experience you've had. As consumers, we know how vital is is for you to receive the promotion that was available when you brought the lines over and we want to help. 

To better assist you we need to ask some questions.

On what date did you add the new lines and traded in the phones?

What was the trade-in value you were expecting for the two lines that have not received the promo?